Next-gen DDR5 RAM promises double the speed in 2018

Adam Westlake - Apr 1, 2017, 8:45am CDT
Next-gen DDR5 RAM promises double the speed in 2018

In the case of ever-evolving PCs, memory can be considered the one essential component computers live or die by when it comes to speed and performance. The good news is that the next-generation standard of RAM is on its way, and will offer significant improvements over what we have now. The bad news is that it’s still a few years away.

Known as DDR5, the next generation of RAM promises twice the speed of the current-gen DDR4 memory. This was revealed this week by JEDEC, the organization responsible for setting the standards of computer memory. DDR5 will “double the bandwidth and density over DDR4,” JEDEC says, adding that it plans to finalize the new standard sometime in 2018.

While this may sound exciting, consumers shouldn’t expect to get their hands on DDR5 RAM until the year 2020 or later, as it can take several years for manufacturers to update their processors and chips to support the new standard. In the case of DDR4, it was finalized in 2012, but didn’t become widely available until 2015.

Once DDR5 RAM is ready to hit the market, you can bet it will make its debut in high-end gaming PCs and machines designed for professional use. While these computers will no doubt benefit from the speed improvements, DDR5 also promises greater power efficiency, which will be a great feature when the memory starts making its way to a wider range of PCs, laptops, and hopefully even mobile devices.


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