Next-Gen Consoles Become Museum Exhibit

If you're one of the millions of people left out in the cold (literally) trying to obtain a next-generation gaming console last week, and you don't know any friends who had better luck, then the United Kingdom has your back. While the Wii isn't launching over in England for another two weeks (followed by a four-month wait for the PlayStation 3 in March), the Science Museum in London is hosting its Game On exhibition, highlighting games from the PDP-10 era to today's ultra-modern technology. Over 120 games will be available for people to play, so if you're still hankering for that Virtua Fighter fight or to see how weird the original Street Fighter was, head on over, since the exhibit will be running until the end of February. And if you live in the UK, the exhibit ends right before the PS3 comes out. Try before you buy?

Game On [via IGN]