Next Buick Regal to get design cues from Opel Monza concept

Concept cars debut all the time that are from European carmakers that consumers in the US never expect to see cruising the streets. We also know that most of the cars we see as concepts making the car show rounds will never see production. One of the cars that made the rounds that looked cool, but many thought wasn't that likely to see the roads was the Opel Monza concept.

While some of the more outlandish styling cues, like the massive gull wing doors, are unlikely to make it to market, apparently the Monza in some form is destined to cruise the streets of a city near you. The big catch is that it might not be as an Opel model alone, it will be as a Buick in the US as well.

Opel chief Karl-Thomas Neumann has said that when you next see the styling of the Monza it will be as an Opel Insignia. The Insignia will be sold in the US as the next Buick Regal. The Regal needs some style and excitement; it hasn't really been cool since the late 80s in Grand National form.

The chances of the next Regal being something akin to the Grand National are slim, Buick is more interested in luxury buyers than performance fiends. I'd wager many of the interesting design elements of the Monza concept will never see the light of day. Those gull wing doors are very unlikely to make it to production, as I mentioned before, and the wild dash and seats on the inside are unlikely to see production. The Regal is expected to hit the US around 2017.

SOURCE: Autoblog