Next Android flavor? Froyo (aka frozen yogurt)

First there was Cupcake, then Donut. Then came Eclair.  And now we have Froyo.  Not to disappoint our sweet-toothed readers, but according to the Engadget show, "Froyo", also known as frozen yogurt to the masses, is to be the codename for Google's next version of the Android mobile OS.  Alphabetically speaking, many were thinking Flan.  Sorry, no Flan from Google here.

Engadget reports that "no additional info could be squeezed out of the Google man at present — such as how much further along Froyo will be from Android 2.1 (technically considered part of Eclair) or when we might expect the upgrade — but we've got a name and that should be plenty to get us started on another wonderful journey of soothsaying and speculation".

We sure hope so.  Android's up 200% since 3 months ago.  That's a lot of desserts – next up, Gelatin?