NewTrent PowerPak Ultra packs 14000 mAh of rugged power

Shane McGlaun - Dec 18, 2013
NewTrent PowerPak Ultra packs 14000 mAh of rugged power

When it comes to protecting our smartphones from damage and drops, many people resort to ruggedized cases that will protect the phone from drops and water. We don’t typically put that much thought into getting accessories for our smartphones and other devices that can withstand the elements. The typical external battery wouldn’t survive a splash or drop.

NewTrent has a new ruggedized external battery pack that has a huge amount of power inside and is made to be very rugged and water resistant. The battery is called the PowerPak Ultra and it has a 14000 mAh internal battery. That is enough juice to recharge a smartphone up to six times.

The battery pack has dual USB ports with one featuring the 2.1A of power most tablets need and the other with 1A of power for smartphones and smaller devices. The rechargeable battery inside can survive 500 charge cycles. This batter pack requires you to have the charge cable for your device since it only has USB ports.

It can charge devices connected to both USB ports at the same time. The manufacturer says that you can watch video on your iPhone for about 55 hours with the PowerPak Ultra and for 18 hours with the third gen iPad. The battery pack measures 5.6 x 3.1 x 1.1-inches (presumably the specs on the site say mm) and weighs 13 ounces. It needs about 12 hours to charge fully. The battery is available now for $69.95.

SOURCE: NewTrent

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