Newly discovered molecule might help curb global warming

Apparently, a new molecule has been discovered floating around in the atmosphere that has the ability to possibly fight global warming. Researchers from the University of Manchester Bristol and Sandia National Laboratories in the US have detected the new molecule that has been dubbed Criegee biradicals.

The new molecule could oxidize sulfur dioxide according to the researchers. That sulfur dioxide eventually turns into sulphuric acid and that compound is known to cause a cooling effect. One thing that the researchers can't figure out at this point is how many of the new molecules would need to be formed to have any effect on the temperature around the world.

The molecules and the impact on the safety of the world would have to be investigated further. It would not be a good thing to generate a bunch of these molecules and then find they are harmful in some way. This reminds me a lot of the scene in The Matrix where they show the burned sky that humans caused fighting the machines. The researchers do note that the biggest chance for a cooling effect would be in areas with lots of pollutants that also include alkenes.

[via IndiaTimes]