New X-Men, Captain America trailers kick off at Super Bowl

JC Torres - Feb 8, 2016, 1:30 am CST
New X-Men, Captain America trailers kick off at Super Bowl

While the Super Bowl is always a time for football fans to root for their favorite teams, matches aren’t the only battles going on in the stadium. It has also been an opportunity to fight for people’s attention, affection, and even money. Like these trailers for two movies, for example. While both have their roots in Marvel’s hallways, only one is technically and legally Marvel’s baby. But only one really offers us something new to drool upon. Presenting the Super Bowl’s unveiling of the new trailers for X-Men: Apocalypse and Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.

Let’s get the older one out of the way first. After all, there has been so many incarnations and remixes of Cap’s ol’ trailer that there is relatively less content to munch on this time. Except for the one and only appearance Ant-Man, finally. Of course, that leaves more room to continue previous speculation. Like whether Rhodes, a.k.a. War Machine, die in the film, which seems to be reinforced by a shot of him unmoving and with his eyes closed. Now we also get to clearly see line that splits the Avengers, sans Thor and the Hulk naturally, with Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Bucky, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Falcon on one side and Iron Man, Black Window, Black Panther, War Machine, and the Vision on the other side.


Still strange that Black Panther sides with the guy ultimately responsible for getting his country involved in all the mess. Still MIA is Spider-Man, of course, making us wonder if he’ll really have any role to play at all or just a cameo hinting at a larger role. We’ll know come 6th of May.

The trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse does offer a bit more footage. And a lot more destruction. If the two previous X-Men films localized the destruction within a city or an island, this time around everything is fair game. With Apocalypse involved, how can it not. We catch a lot of glimpses of Apocalypse, which should be no secret by now. We also see Magneto a bit in a pinch. No sign of a bald Charles, however. Storm’s mohawk will probably stir up a storm. And a young Jean Grey and Scott Summers show up for a few seconds, just before geek icon Olivia Munn makes her grand entrance as Psylocke.

X-Men: Apocalypse premieres on May 27.

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