New Wii U Games Set For Reveal During Tomorrow's Nintendo Livestream

Tomorrow, Nintendo will be holding another Nintendo Direct livestream. These livestreams are usually worth watching for one reason or another, but if you're a Wii U owner, you'll definitely want to tune in tomorrow. That's because Satoru Iwata will apparently be announcing some new Wii U titles during the address, and if we're lucky, maybe he'll even announce some release dates.

The pages for the Japanese and UK livestreams don't mention these new games – instead, we have to navigate over to Nintendo UK's Twitter account to get confirmation of the reveals. "Mr Iwata will reveal new games for #WiiU in a new #NintendoDirectEU at 2pm GMT on 23/01," the tweet reads. Unfortunately (and rather predictably), Nintendo UK doesn't give away any details on games Iwata will be announcing, leaving us to guess at what they could be.

While we're hoping for a new Zelda reveal, that seems unlikely given that Skyward Sword only recently turned one-year-old. A new Mario game in the vein of Super Mario Galaxy or Sunshine would be a welcome announcement as well, but Nintendo may want to give New Super Mario Bros. U some more time to shine before revealing a new full-3D title in the series. While we're clearly keeping our fingers crossed for some first-party announcements, don't be surprised to see Iwata get up in front of the camera to talk about incoming third-party games as well.

We can guess all we want, but at the end of the day, we won't be any closer to figuring out what Iwata will be announcing. The only solution to this problem is to tune into the livestream tomorrow, which will be kicking off all around the world at the same time: 2PM GMT (9AM EST). Stay tuned, because hopefully tomorrow there will be some announcements worth getting excited about.

[via Joystiq]