New technology will eliminate blurry pictures

I enjoy taking pictures, but even with my fancy-pants digital camera my auto-focus doesn't always work right. Usually that's because I get trigger-happy and try to snap the picture before the camera is ready. So then I'm left with a really blurry picture.

Most of those shots get deleted right away. Some are just really good shots that I'll never get again, so I spend a good deal of time in Photoshop trying to clean up the lines and make it look good. It's usually a lost cause. Engineers at Mitsubishi Electric have developed a new technology that can refocus the image after it's been taken. So this will nearly eliminate blurry pictures altogether. The above image was refocused using that same technology.

No word on when this will start showing up in cameras. You can bet that this sort of thing will become standard on many cameras in a few years.

Coming into Focus [via coolest-gadgets]