New T-Mobile app lets you unlock your device at-will

If you've ever tried unlocking a smartphone, you know it can be a pain. For the average consumer, diving deep into settings and unlocking a phone isn't easy, and likely puts a twinge of fear into play. T-Mobile has just made that a lot easier, releasing an app that brilliantly lets you unlock your handset for a short duration, or an eternity.

The app, currently only available for the newly announced Galaxy Avant, makes the entire process of unlocking a device easy. With a few clicks, you are free and clear, and can use your device on another carrier.

You might be asking why you'd want to do that, though. If you've got a carrier-locked device, and will be traveling, it comes in pretty handy. Say you're going to a place where T-Mobile has limited or no service — now all you have to do is jump into the app and unlock it. Once you've unlocked your handset, you can use a new SIM card and enjoy your trip.

There are a few catches, though. If you're paying for your device incrementally, you'll have to pay for it in full before it will unlock. Those devices under contract will have difficulty unlocking, too (you need to have made 18 consecutive payments or be migrated to a Simple Choice plan). A cancelled account must be paid in full before the phone will unlock, also.

T-Mobile seems to be testing this out with the Avant, which probably won't sell as well as a Galaxy S5 or the like. Past the trial period of testing, look to T-Mobile to roll this out to other handsets, possibly on a continued limited basis. It's a clever app that lets us un-tether ourselves as needed, but also allows T-Mobile to cover their bases with regard to customers staying in good standing with them.

The app is currently available on Google Play, but keep in mind it's only compatible with the Galaxy Avant right now.

Via: TMoNews