New Surface tablet makes a pass through the FCC

It seems that Microsoft is indeed working on a new Surface. Of course, many of us probably expected Microsoft to be preparing a new Surface for launch later on in the year, and this appearance at the FCC seemingly confirms those suspicions. After all, gaining FCC certification is usually one of the last steps before launch for new devices.

The FCC listings were first discovered by WinFuture, though unfortunately, details on internal hardware are pretty sparse. We do learn that this Surface has an entirely new model number – Model 1824 – which suggests that it isn't merely an upgrade of an existing device in the Surface line. The FCC listing also indicates some small tweaks to battery voltage, but that doesn't really help us determine anything significant.

However, there's one key detail that might: the filing makes reference to a 24-watt power supply, which is smaller than the current Surface Pro's 36-watt power supply. That could suggest a smaller, less powerful Surface model, which lines up nicely with some of the rumors we've been hearing lately.

In fact, The Verge is under the impression that this could very well be the $400 Surface that was rumored earlier in the year. Back in May, Bloomberg reported that Microsoft is plotting a less expensive Surface that could better compete with lower-end iPads. The device is said to ship with a 10-inch display, rounded edges, and Intel processors. We also heard that the new Surface will be lighter than current devices in the lineup, but battery life may also be lower as well.

There's no way to know for sure if this is the $400 Surface of legend, but we might not have long before we find out. If Microsoft wants to target a lighter, less expensive Surface to students, then it'll want to have it on shelves in time for the back to school rush, which means a reveal at some point in the next couple of months. We'll keep an eye out for more, so stay tuned.