New study shows 38% of gamers are chicks

Generally when people (non-gamers) picture gamers, they tend to conjure up images of overweight guys that live in their parents basement. Of course all of you out there know that most of us don't fit into that stereotype. I'm neither overweight, nor do I still live with my parents. Our resident female editor (and avid gamer) Abby loves to point out that she doesn't fit into any of these. Now there's yet another new study that also seeks to disprove at least one of these misconceptions.

A recent report from the Entertainment Software Association shows that 38% of gamers are actually chicks, and that they spend roughly 7.4 hours a week gaming. Of course it's generally pointed out that girls like to play casual games like The Sims and DS games like Cooking Mama. Trust me when I say that you won't find Abby playing anything like that. If she's not mercilessly slaughtering something, she's moving right along to a new game.

Unfortunately while girls are slowly bringing balance to the gaming community, they are still lacking in the games industry. Studies show that women only make up roughly 12 percent of it. Come on ladies, step it up and show us how you want games made.

[via CAV] [pic via J!NX]