New Sony Walkman doesn’t look like a Walkman

Shawn Farner - Jan 7, 2009, 9:47am CST
New Sony Walkman doesn’t look like a Walkman

It seems that Sony adopted a few ideas from other music devices when creating the W-series Walkman.  The “all-in-one” concept likely came from those big, bulky FM radio headsets, and the “no display” idea probably came from the iPod Shuffle.

Granted, this device is a lot more attractive than those FM headsets and this Walkman does offer a unique way to shuffle through music.  However, the usefulness of that shuffle feature, dubbed “ZAPPIN”, is up for debate.  ZAPPIN apparently plays what it considers to be “popular clips” of songs on the device until you decide on one to play.

On the battery side of things, the W-series Walkman is killer.  It takes three minutes to charge the device for an hour and a half of use, and if you’re looking to use it all twelve hours, a mere half hour charge will do the job.

The W-series Walkman from Sony comes with 2 GB of storage and will run you $70.  We’ll clue you in on a release date when we learn more.

[via Gizmodo]

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