New Snow Leopard seeds, UI overhaul?

Apple's recent seeds of OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" are rumored to feature a new user interface that is a stark departure from the Platinum theme of OS X 10.5.  The new UI theme, code named "Marble" features a dark chrome motif that some have compared to a Windows theme.  It is rumored to used smother iTunes-like scroll bars, and light text on a dark background.

When Snow Leopard was announced, it was emphasized that the majority of the changes would be taking place under the hood, and have more to deal with performance that with features or appearance.

Again, there are rumors circulating that Snow Leopard will hit stores within two months of Apple's upcoming World Wide Developers Conference.  Users are hoping to see a finalized preview of Snow Leopard demoed at WWDC in San Francisco. This places the release date of Snow Leopard most likely in August of 2009, nearly two years after the release of Leopard.

[Via AppleInsider]