New Samsung Blu-Ray Players BD-P1400 and BD-P2400

The new feature list is short. So short in fact it can be summarized with one name, Dolby.

Apparently the only added features are Dolby's TrueHD and DTS HD audio formats. The 1400 is also lacking the HQV video processor. Prices are $549 and $599 respectively, with release dates for the 1400 in September and the 2400 in October.

Feature list also includes a 24-frames-per-second mode; apparently because that's the speed most movies are filmed at. 1080P resolution and HDMI 1.3 support. The folks over at Giz said the new features aren't really worth waiting for.

Samsung's Next Gen Blu-ray BD-P1400 and BD-2400 [via Gizmodo]