New PUBG Paramo map holds some huge Season 9 changes

PUBG Season 9 is almost here, and it seems the developers have something big lined up for it. PUBG Season 9 will introduce a new map called Paramo, and while there aren't very many details about it yet, it's looking like the map will be unlike any other map PUBG has seen thus far. For starters, PUBG Corp is saying that the map comes with a "dynamic landscape," which suggests that it'll change from game to game.

"Paramo's dynamic landscape will keep you guessing each drop!" reads a new tweet from the official PUBG account today. That tweet is accompanied by a teaser that gives us an early look at portions of the map.

There are a couple things we can glean from that trailer. The first is that Season 9 will likely introduce helicopters in some form, but whether or not they're vehicles that can actually be flown by players is up in the air. The second is that Paramo features a volcano, and that could be the driving force behind this "dynamic landscape." Indeed, we see one section of the map change a total of four times during the trailer, with ash falling from the sky in a couple of shots.

It seems that even the buildings change between shots, so Paramo could be dynamic to a degree that we're not expecting. Regardless, expect that volcano to play a key role in matches on this map.

PUBG Season 8 is currently in its final weeks, and it's scheduled to wrap up on October 21st on PC and October 29th on console. We'll be getting Season 9 along with the version 9.1 update, and in addition to introducing the Paramo map, it'll also be adding a new solo ranked mode. We'll almost certainly learn more about PUBG Season 9 next week, so stay tuned for that.