New (old) Guitar Hero tracks available for download, and a surprise

Chris Scott Barr - Apr 11, 2007

So the first round of downloadable tracks for Guitar Hero II (360) have been released. As predicted by many, they are tracks from the original Guitar Hero. That’s awesome right?

The problem however, lies with the way they’ve released the tracks, and the price. They released 9 new tracks in three groups of three. The breakdown is as follows:

Group 1:
Ace of Spades
Bark at the Moon
Hey You

Group 2:
Killer Queen
Take it Off

Group 3:
Higher Ground

These are some of my favorite songs from the first game, but I’m curious why they released them in random groups of three. Why not release them in the same order as the set lists on the game? I can only assume that they’ll be releasing all of them, so why mix them up? Second, each group will cost you 500 points. So if you only bought the 30 main tracks from the first game, you’ll spend around 5000 points which is over $60. That’s not even including the bonus tracks.

The good news is that they have appeared to fix the whammy bar issue. I’m glad that I haven’t had time to crack open my guitar and fix it myself. I’ve yet to have any further issues with it.

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