New Nook Reader Tipped for Spring

The New York Times tipped that a new eReader from Barnes & Noble is currently in the midst of getting its final touches. The new eReader from Barnes & Noble will be the fifth in its line of digital reading devices called the Nook. The details of the eReader are scant, but what we do know is that it is set to launch sometime this spring.

Naturally, with the talk of new eReader comes rumors and speculation on what the device might be like. CNET reports that the executives at Barnes & Noble declined to give further comment on the new eReader, which in geek circles just fuels the flames. CNET thinks that perhaps the new tablet may be more iPad in size and price. However, there is nothing to suggest that that might be the case at this point.

CNET points out can just as easily be a new eReader aiming at the low-end of the market. However, the low-end market is pretty well served in the eReader realm. Barnes & Noble is set to launch the line of Nook eReaders in Europe, specifically in Britain. The new device could be something built a bit more to the tastes of readers in the UK. What you think the new nook e-reader might be?

[via CNET]