New Nokia 3310 torture test: see how it fares

Although Nokia didn't exactly start its rebirth with it, its new Nokia 3310 quickly stole the spotlight from its higher end and more modern Android phones, While kids these days will probably sport questioning looks and raised eyebrows, mobile veterans will remember the model fondly for a durability that today's phones can only dream of. But does the new Nokia 3310 fare just as well as its predecessor? Fortunately for us, YouTubers JerryRigEverything and SuperSaf TV did the heavy lifting so we won't have to.

Zack Nelson, a.k.a. JerryRigEverything, is both famous and infamous for his scratch, burn, and bend tests, subjecting almost every smartphone, at least the popular ones, to torture. And while the new Nokia 3310 isn't exactly a smartphone, given its popularity, it was begging to be scratched, burned, and bent as well.

Nelson didn't have high expectations for this one, though. Like the old model nearly two decades ago, this one is a thoroughly plastic affair. Even the screen has a sheet of plastic on top. That meant that it is easily scratched and, when burned long enough, will deform. Don't take near volcanoes, Nelson advises.

Plastic, in addition to being cheap, is also resilient. And while the new Nokia 3310 flexes a bit under pressure, it returns to form and doesn't pop anything out. The one sad note about Nokia's extensive use of plastic is that even the camera lens is plastic, making it very scratch prone.

The old Nokia 3310 was also notorious for its drop survival rate so, naturally, everyone wants to know if the new Nokia 3310 will survive just as much. The good news is that it does, even from a 12-foot drop. Even better news is that it doesn't even come apart unlike the old one. Then again, the new Nokia 3310 wasn't exactly made to be as "modular" as the older version. Now if only premium phones today were just as tough.