New Nintendo Switch controller reveal: Mystery clues matching up

Last week, we told you about a mysterious Nintendo filing with the FCC. The filing was almost entirely devoid of details thanks to a confidentiality request Nintendo filed along with it, but the listing did reveal that the device in question is a new game controller. Now, we know when the confidentiality request will be lifted on that controller, which tells us when it's likely to be revealed.

As Eurogamer reports, that FCC listing has been updated to show that full details about the device in question will be released on September 24th, which is this Friday. It's then that the FCC listing will presumably be updated with details about the controller's functionality along with diagrams depicting the controller's design.

Earlier today, Nintendo announced that it will be hosting a new Nintendo Direct presentation tomorrow – one day before the secret details associated with that FCC listing are set to go public. Put two and two together, and it seems that we're going to get a controller reveal in addition to all of the games that will be on tap during tomorrow's Direct.

The big question now is what this controller will be used for. It may just be another standard Switch controller that could be used as an alternative to the Joy-Cons and the Switch Pro controller. However, we've also heard rumors lately which claim that Nintendo will soon be adding Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to Nintendo Switch Online. If Nintendo does intend to announce that tomorrow, then this controller could go hand-in-hand with those games.

At this point, it's anyone's guess what that controller is. We'll likely have our answers tomorrow, though, so check back here with SlashGear for coverage from tomorrow's Nintendo Direct.