New Nintendo Indie World Showcase coming this week: What to expect

While the main draw of any Nintendo console will undoubtedly be Nintendo's first-party games, the Switch has also become a good indie machine too. Nintendo knows this, as it's been periodically showcasing indie games since the Switch first released, much in the same way it does with major titles and Nintendo Directs. Nintendo today revealed when the next Indie World Showcase will happen, and it's right around the corner.

Nintendo announced that the next Indie World Showcase will be happening tomorrow, August 18th, at 9 AM PDT. As is usually the case, Nintendo was light on details in its announcement today, and in fact, it didn't name a single game we can look forward to hearing about. Instead, the company only said that this Showcase will offer up "roughly 20 minutes of information on indie games coming to Nintendo Switch."

Despite the lack of details coming from Nintendo, it's worth noting that the company tends to reveal games rapid fire during these Indie World Showcases, so even though the presentation will last around 20 minutes, we can expect it to cover a lot of ground.

As far as the games the Showcase might cover are concerned, notable indie games to watch out for include Axiom Verge 2, Hollow Knight: Silksong, Spiritfarer, The Last Campfire, No More Heroes 3, and Dicey Dungeons. We can likely expect Nintendo to announce release dates for some previously-revealed indie games in addition to announcing entirely new ones.

So, if you're into indie games and you own a Switch, it's probably a good idea to set aside some time tomorrow to watch this Indie World Showcase. You can watch the show via the YouTube livestream embedded above, though Nintendo will probably also stream the show over on Twitch.