New Nintendo 3DS video games unveiled at E3

Nintendo's 3DS game console is getting a dose of what it needs most at E3- new video games. The game console hardware is decent enough; the big drawback to the video game system so far in many opinions has been the lack of a bunch of video games people actually want to play. At E3 Nintendo has confirmed seven new video games that will be coming to the 3DS game console in 2012 and beyond.

The new games include New Super Mario Bros. 2, which is a side scrolling game set to launch August 19. We have already talked a bit about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate. Nintendo says that game is set to launch this fall. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is an action-oriented game with haunted mansions for Luigi to explore set to launch this holiday season.

Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is a new game combining classic Disney characters where Mickey interacts with the game world using paint and paint thinner. No estimated launch date is offered for this game. Paper Mario: Sticker Star will launch this holiday season and it is a classic role-playing game where Mario uses stickers to win battles and solve puzzles. Scribblenauts Unlimited will be coming to the 3DS at an unspecified time and is a puzzle game. The final game is Kingdom Hearts 3D set to launch in July 31 with a demo version coming soon to the Nintendo eShop. Nintendo also mentioned a few third-party video games coming this year including Transformers Prime, Rabbids Rumble, Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, and Heroes of Ruin.