New Mario Party Superstars trailer is a blast from the past

While Metroid Dread may be the biggest Switch release of October, the Mario Party fans of the world are probably looking forward to the launch of Mario Party Superstars at the end of the month. Mario Party's first showing on the Switch – 2018's Super Mario Party – wound up being a disappointing outing, so Nintendo is reaching into the past and remaking old boards and minigames for Mario Party Superstars. Today, a new overview trailer for the game is showing off more of these remade classics.

The trailer begins with a look at the five remade boards featured in Mario Party Superstars. The five boards include Yoshi's Tropical Island and Peach's Birthday Cake from the first Mario Party; Space Land and Horror Land from Mario Party 2; and Woody Woods from Mario Party 3. In addition, all of the boards will support online play, which is a nice thing to hear considering Super Mario Party didn't get online play for its main modes until years after it was released.

In any case, after giving us a look at the five boards in Mario Party Superstars, we get to take a look at some minigames. The games chosen for the trailer will be familiar to anyone who played the N64 Mario Party games back in the day, as they include Face-Lift, Hot Rope Jump, Pushy Penguins, and Goomba Spotting. In all, there are 100 minigames included in Mario Party Superstars.

The trailer also touches on Mario Party Superstars' Mt. Minigames mode, which will allow players to face off in minigames with others through online play. It even sounds like Mt. Minigames will offer sports and puzzle minigames that aren't normally playable in standard Mario Party modes, so the completionists among us indeed have a reason to check it out.

After a series of misses with recent Mario Party games, perhaps something like Mario Party Superstars is just what the franchise needs. We'll find out soon enough, as Mario Party Superstars is out on Nintendo Switch on October 29th.