New Mario Golf: Super Rush trailer prepares us to hit the links

We're quickly closing in on the release date for Mario Golf: Super Rush, and today, Nintendo dropped a new overview trailer that takes us through the game's various modes and features. Super Rush is the first game in the Mario Golf spin-off series since 2014's Mario Golf: World Tour for the Nintendo 3DS, and it seems a lot has changed since then. For starters, Super Rush is introducing a new mode called Speed Golf.

Of course, we already knew about the Speed Golf mode, as it was revealed alongside the game earlier this year. In Speed Golf, players will tee up side-by-side and then race to their balls, avoiding hazards and collecting power ups along the way. Today's trailer also shows off the game's Battle Rush mode, which is described as a "more strategic variation of Speed Golf" that puts an entire nine hole course in play at the same time. The first player to score three of the holes – any of the nine – wins, so some planning could go a long way in this mode.

Super Rush will also be home to a mode called Golf Adventure, where you'll play as a Mii golfer as you adventure through a country club and complete its challenges. The Mii golfer you create has various skills to improve through level ups, and once you turn them into a capable golfer through Golf Adventure, you'll be able to take them into Super Rush's various online modes.

If you'd rather play as one of Mario's cast of characters, Nintendo says that Super Rush will feature 16 characters from the series, with Pauline, Chargin' Chuck, and King Bob-omb making their Mario Golf debuts with this game. There are six different courses to play through, as well as four player local and online multiplayer.

So, Mario Golf: Super Rush sounds like it'll be a solid entry in the spin-off series, but of course, we have to wait until the game is here to actually make that call. It'll be here soon enough, as Mario Golf: Super Rush launches for Nintendo Switch on June 25th, 2021.