'New Mac' scented candle is a strange way to showcase your Apple love

Love candles and Apple products? If so, there's a new product that may be to your liking: the 'New Mac' scented candle, which probably doesn't actually smell anything like a new Macbook. The candle is made entirely from soy wax by Twelve South, and will burn for between 45 and 55 hours, each of those hours hoping to capitalize on the boundless love an Apple fan has for their favorite tech company. Will anyone actually be interested in such a candle? Yes, it seems, as the stock is already sold out.

Disclaimer: I haven't actually smelled this candle, so I can't say whether it lives up to its name. However, I have smelled a new Mac (in a roundabout way), and it wasn't scented anything like the candle's description: basil, sage, mandarin, peach, mint, and lavender. All things considered, though, that's probably a better scent than the overpowering smell of a new computer.

If you've already ordered the candle, you may not get it as early as you'd hoped; the candle shipments will be delayed due to the company's warehouse being closed, which is itself due to Hurricane Matthew. Twelve South advises that "customers will experience shipping delays," and that it hopes to have any orders placed today shipping by next Monday, October 10.

If you haven't ordered, though, that's not a terrible concern since the company has already sold out of the 'New Mac' candles, and you'll have to wait for a replenished inventory to be announced later this year. When that inventory is restocked, you'll be able to grab the candle for $24 USD with free shipping inside the United States.