New iPhone 6 leak shows fully assembled device

The iPhone 6 hits keep coming, and this one is our first look at what we might actually have in-hand. Feld & Volk have made a name for themselves recently, sharing a slew of parts and components they say are from the new iPhone. This time, they've put the package together, showing us what the iPhone 6 might look like top to bottom.

We've seen the screen, and have seen that the sides are curved downward. That feature was said to be a design choice made so the glass merges seamlessly with the new metal rear. According to these images, that's exactly what's happening.

The curved metal rear is seen merging right into the glass, giving us a nearly seamless design. From the bottom view, we can see that the curvature of the bottom is nearly identical to the top. In that view, it looks like a pill — rounded on the sides, perfectly straight on the top and bottom.

We will note that Feld & Volk have components that are unfinished (which is why they're a bit rough around the edges) — if they're even from a reliable source. Feld & Volk work with manufacturers who supply Apple's supply chain, but we still take these pics with the appropriate amount of doubt.

Feld & Volk have been great in sharing these various components, giving us a look at just about everything to do with the iPhone 6. What do you think, does seeing these pics make you want an iPhone 6? Let us know in the comments section below!

Via: Mac Rumors