New Halo 4 trailer shows off weapons to dubstep

A new Halo 4 trailer has launched, and this time around it's all about the weapons, baby. With a dubstep song serving as our backing track, we're introduced to weapons new and old, and get a chance to see how each one functions in Halo 4. Microsoft has also released a second version of the trailer that ditches the music so it's nothing but you and the gunfire, so if you hate dubstep, you're in luck.

A decent amount of the weapons featured in this trailer return from previous games, including the Assault Rifle, the fan-favorite Magnum handgun, the Battle Rifle, the DMR (yes, Halo 4 features both the Battle Rifle and the DMR), the Shotgun, the Rocket Launcher, the Spartan Laser, and of course, the Sniper Rifle. For the most part, these guns seem largely unchanged from the last time we saw them, which longtime fans should appreciate.

In addition to the returning weapons, we also get a look at three brand new weapons: the Saw, the Railgun, and the Sticky Detonator. The Saw is a light machine gun capable of holding 72 rounds at a time and firing ridiculously fast. The Railgun, on the other hand, is a weapon you'll want to take your time with, as it charges up before unleashing a powerful explosive round. Finally, the Sticky Detonator is a gun that fires a sticky grenade at your opponent and allows you to detonate it whenever you like. Expect to have a lot of fun with that one.

All of these weapons have been detailed in depth over on the Halo Waypoint blog. Halo 4 is scheduled to launch for Xbox 360 on November 6, and even though some fans are hesitant to trust 343 Industries with the franchise now that Bungie has moved on, Halo 4 looks like it'll be a blast to play. Stay tuned, because we'll definitely be seeing more Halo 4 media as we inch closer to its release date.