New Galaxy Note 5's Won't Let Your Stylus Get Stuck

If you've ever had a device with a stylus, you've likely tried to put it in backwards at least once. Thankfully, every device I've owned like that wouldn't allow me to do much more than fumble for a few seconds, until I realized my error. Unfortunately for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 owners, that's not the case, and it can lead to big trouble.

On the Galaxy Note 5, if you attempt to put your S-Pen in backward, it will let you do so. At least just enough to get it good and stuck. You might not think that's a big deal, as you'd just pull it free. The problem is that if you pull on it, that could physically damage your phone. Thankfully, Samsung is aware of this issue, and has a fix.

The fix is a simple piece of plastic that goes over an internal switch. This switch is what causes the S-Pen to get stuck, and putting the small piece of plastic over it will prevent any such issues. When the pen comes in contact with the switch, the plastic will allow it to press the switch, instead of getting stuck on it, and then breaking when pulled free.

Samsung will be implementing this on new Galaxy Note 5's, but there's no word on whether they will be able to make this available for existing customers. The real question is why they wouldn't have assumed people might put the pen in backwards, and implemented this fix before the device was launched.

VIA: Ars