New Fortnite POI leaks, and it's one from a different game

Following the Blade character leak and then official release comes another big leak about Fortnite, though this one is entirely more exciting. According to data miners, it seems Epic's battle royale game may soon get another Point of Interest (POI), and it may be a location from an entirely different — yet nearly as popular — video game. If you suspect that game is Rocket League, you're probably right.

This weekend will bring the previously announced Llama Rama event to Rocket League, a crossover to celebrate the latter game finally switching to the free-to-play business model Epic announced following its Psyonix acquisition. That crossover will involve the Battle Bus from Fortnite arriving in Rocket League as a playable car, as well as Loot Llama-themed decals and more.

A recent leak from Fortnite data miner SizzyLeaks on Twitter has revealed what is expected to be a Rocket League-themed house in the battle royale game, one that will likely appear any day now. It's unclear at this point how big of an addition this will be — whether the house will simply appear in a known location or if it will get its own plot of land.

A video showing a render of the house based on data from Fortnite game files revealed Rocket League posters and some other items related to the game, including trophies. Based on the leaks, it seems that the house will serve more as a promotion of Rocket League than anything particularly notable to Fortnite players, but the addition isn't surprising.

Epic previously acquired Psyonix, the developer behind Rocket League, which continues to prove massively popular. The company said that it would transition the game to a free-to-play model like the one we see in Fortnite, and now anyone can go and grab the title for free. The Llama Rama event that kicks off tomorrow will run through mid-October, giving players a chance to get Fortnite-themed goodies.