New e2 line from enano is "environment friendly"

Looking for a PC that is comparable to a Mac mini? Look no further than the e2 line of ultra small form factor PCs that are just a hair smaller than the mini.

The new e2 line from enano comes loaded with Core 2 Duos (not Santa Rosa) which should get you plenty of power from the tiny package. enano is boasting that their e2 line PCs are environment friendly and "95-percent quieter, 80-percent more energy-efficient, 65-percent cooler and take up 75-percent less space than standard desktops." Honestly, I don't see how it's relevant to compare noise and energy consumption between a SFF and a desktop. I'd like to see how it stacks up against a similar computer, like say a Mac mini.

I can tell you how it stacks up to the Mac mini in terms of price. The lowest model of the e2 is going to run you about $150 more than the mini. Who says Macs are more expensive than PCs?

enano rolls out second-gen enviro-friendly Mac Mini competitor [via crave]