New drives from SimpleTech designed by Pininfarina

If your PC or its components aren't designed by a car manufacturer, then you're obviously not with the latest hip trends. Being a geek I never thought that a computer would be considered "trendy." The latest trendy offering comes from SimpleTech.

Their new line of external drives were designed by Pininfarina, the same people that designed cars for Ferrari and Maserati. The most notable thing about these drives is the blue circle of light on the top. The blue light tells you how much space is left on the drive. Hopefully more external drive manufacturers will start putting something similar on their drives. Yes, you can always just look at the disk properties on you computer, but what's the fun in that?

You can get the drives in a variety of colors and sizes ranging from 160GB to 1TB. The prices are a little steep starting out at $100, but that is to be expected with something designed by a company like Pininfarina.

SimpleTech Revs Up New Ferrari-Designed External Hard Drives [via gizmodo]