New DigiMemo tablet will record your notes

I'm horrible at taking notes, usually I just avoid taking them altogether. However, once I do manage to jot some things down they usually end up a scribbled mess, and then I lose them. One way to keep track of my notes would be to have my computer record them.

I've seen pens that record what you write before, and that's great and all, but then you have to worry about special paper and all of that jazz. While we don't know much about this DigiMemo, it sounds intriguing. Rather than a pen that records what you write, it's a tablet that does the recording.

Apparently the device can also be hooked into your computer and used like a tablet directly with Windows. I'm definitely interesting in hearing more about this product, so we'll keep you up to date with new details.

Asteco's DigiMemo: Digital Storage of Your Paper Notes [via gottabemobile]