New design offers up stereo Bluetooth and a solution to tangled headphone cables

Jaehyung Hong is the designer of the god-send of a headset, and he did a pretty good job. I'll be honest; I am not usually a fan of any wireless pair of headphones that is so close to not being wireless, but the added functionality offered with this set has changed my mind.

So the lanyard has controls for your media player built into it, it also has a hold switch so you can't accidentally hit the buttons, and then the hole in the center allows you to tuck away your headphones and wrap the cables up. Whammo, no mess in your pocket, and no taking 20 minutes to detangle your headphone wires.

It really is quite genius, and it doesn't look like the headphones would be too horrible to wear either. Sadly its just a design, so there may never be an availability date, or a price, and thus we have neither.

Bluetooth Lanyard Keeps Cables at Bay, Stores Earphones [via gizmodo]