New Canon G10's firmware ver cures magenta cast

Canon has released firmware update for its G10 digital camera. Version corrects occurrence of magenta cast in Raw-file captures under certain settings, which affects only cameras with a specific range of serial number.

The magenta phenomenon only occur in one of the two rare settings in Raw recordings. The second and subsequent Raw captures exhibit magenta cast when shooting in continue mode at ISO 1600 or one shoot mode with camera LCD off. Follow link here to check if your unit is affected.

Firmware Update Version

If RAW images are captured by continuous shooting under the ISO 1600 setting, abnormal data is recorded and a magenta cast appears in the second and subsequent RAW images. This phenomenon also occurs in the second and subsequent recorded RAW images captured by single shooting, but only if the LCD monitor display mode is set to the OFF position.

This phenomenon cannot be confirmed when images are played back on the camera's LCD monitor. It can only be confirmed if image processing software (such as the Digital Photo Professional software bundled with the product) is used to develop RAW images on a PC.


* Images that have the magenta cast phenomenon cannot be fixed.

* The phenomenon only appears in RAW images, and does not appear in JPEG images or images appearing on the LCD monitor display.

* The phenomenon only occurs if the ISO Speed Dial is set to ISO 1600 manually, and does not occur if the ISO speed is set to other values (such as ISO AUTO or ISO HI).