New California law bans minors from using cell phones while driving

If you're under the age of 18 and live in the state of California, I'm really sorry. The Governator just signed a new bill that prevents you from using your cell phone while driving. Mind you, that's not just talking, texting while driving is an offense as well.

If you're caught chatting while on the road, you'll get slapped with a $20 fine the first time, and $50 each time after that. There is some good news for you. The cops aren't going to be able to pull you over because you were talking on the phone, they have to catch you doing something else to pull you over. Also, your violations won't take any points away from your license.

Do I think this law is a good idea? Yea, when you're first learning to drive, you don't need any extra distractions. If I were still underage, would I be upset? Of course! I'd argue that I was a great driver and shake my fist in protest.

Schwarzenegger Signs Bill Banning Minors From Using Cellphones While Driving [via consumerist]