New BlackBerry 10 rumors tip a (slightly) lower price

Shane McGlaun - Jan 28, 2013, 8:00 am CST
New BlackBerry 10 rumors tip a (slightly) lower price

RIM is set to officially unveil BlackBerry 10 in only two more days. With the new operating system and smartphone hardware set to go official later this week, new rumors have surfaced ahead of the official launch. According to one of the new rumors, people interested in BlackBerry 10 could expect a more reasonable price.

Previous rumors indicated that the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone running the new operating system would be available for $799 without a SIM card. That price was tipped by a leaked screenshot claimed to come from Best Buy Canada. The latest rumor is based on a leaked screenshot claim to be from the Carphone Warehouse.

The second screenshot says that the white BlackBerry Z10 will sell for £479.95, which would work out to $755. That’s only $44 less than the previous rumor indicated, but less money is less money. If the £479.95 price were correct for the BlackBerry Z10, it would be a bit cheaper than a 16 GB iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III from Carphone Warehouse at £509 and £499 respectively.

Other rumors have indicated that in the United States that the BlackBerry Z10 would be offered for under $200 with a two-year contract. One of the things we’ll find out in a few days is the official launch date for the device, which had previously been rumored for two different days. Those old rumors have suggested February 28 and March 27. Another rumor has surfaced that claims the smartphone might launch on February 5.

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