New ATI Radeon cards leaked

James Allan Brady - Dec 26, 2007

So there is the Radeon HD 3450, 3470, and 3650 the loose specs of each were leaked out over the internet on Christmas. The cheapest, at about $50, is the 3450 featuring an RV620 core with 525MHz core and 256MB of memory and DisplayPort for HD video.

Then there is the 3470 with a 75MHz faster processor and double the memory and DVI. Lastly there is the 3650 which has a RV635 core running at 800MHz with half a gig of RAM.

Sadly though, these cards aren’t really being made for gamers, they are more targeted at those making high-end or HD media center computers. Most specifically they are made for playing HD Video, although the RV635 has a considerably high clock speed and a decent amount of memory.

New AMD Radeon Details Leaked [via wired]

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