New app makes iPhone camera more like a DSLR

Part of the knock on mobile photography is the lack of controls. Unlike a DSLR, the ability to control things like exposure are typically lost on a smartphone. With increased third-party integration in iOS 8, a new app aims to bring you some of the controls you want on a DSLR, but on your iPhone.

Manual is aptly named, appropriately priced, and downright cool. The app gives you pure control of your iPhone camera, letting you alter things like exposure, shutter, ISO, white balance, and focus. You also get a thirds grid by default, and a fill-flash gives you better control in terrible lighting.

The app compliments a slew of existing camera apps that aim for similar purposes, but none seem as well-rounded as Manual for granular control over things we've been compromising on. The features all work via slider, so a quick drag of the finger provides easy access to the picture you want.

If nothing else, Manual is a good introduction to better photography. You won't get to actually mimic your DSLR with Manual, but the ability to make quick changes as you need to is handy. Especially in tough lighting circumstances.

Source: App Store