New Android set top box inbound from IN Media

You can do many cool things with a set top box for your TV. If that box runs Android, you can access the Android Market and download games and other apps for playing right on your big screen. IN Media has announced a new Set Top Box that runs Android 2.2 and promises tight integration with your Android device.

It's not clear exactly how the box will allow the user to control games on their big screen, but with the boast of tight integration with an Android tablet or smartphone, perhaps they are used as a controller. The set top box will stream on demand media as well.

IN Media also notes that the new set top box will work for businesses that need a digital signage solution. The box will allow the content displayed on the digital sign to be changed via a browser. That would be very convenient. Pricing, availability as well as official photos are unavailable.

[via Android Community]