New Ammon "Proof" Digital Watch Looks Great

Ammon appears to be a fairly new watchmaker, and they seem to be quite good at it too. I can't say personally how well they work, but they certainly look new, fresh, and nice.

The company originates in California and recently released this new line of watches, the "Proof". They all have leather bands slightly wider than the actual watch itself, and they are all integrated into the band.

This particular line offers up a digital face with a dot-matrix LCD display that dwells just below a flat mineral crystal lens. The body is stainless steel and the screen is available in different color schemes including the following: light grey on black, black on light grey, and black on red.

All of these watches can display time, day, date, and chronograph with or without the included backlight. They are available now for $120, which isn't a bad way to begin your escape from the Wal-Mart special watches, I left that world with my Citizen watch, and will never buy anything that isn't as functional as it is appealing to me.

Ammon proof digital watch is a real looker [via technabob]