New AMD Quad-Core is as energy efficient as walking

AMD's new Phenom X4 9100e is a power sipper operating at a low 65 watts. That might sound like a lot, but for a quad-core processor that's actually considerably low and is more on par with dual core processors of today.

This processor in a motherboard featuring an AMD 780 series chipset and you are well on your way to having a decent computer. If you feel like going for the AMD trifecta you can pick up an ATI graphics card to go with the bundle.

However, with just that processor and the 780 chipset and the integrated graphics of the motherboard you'll be able to watch Blu-Ray movies and even do some light gaming. Overall it's a nice energy efficient processor that should also help in keeping things cool under the case, so, if you are trying to make a quiet home theater PC that also packs a punch this might be the processor for you. Really though I must say that the performance offered up by AMD's quad-cores pales in comparison to those from Intel, but AMD's chips are also usually cheaper, so its all about what matters to you.

[via CEDailyNews]