Netgear Powerline Music Extender streams music and more

Netgear has a new powerline networking device called the XSUB2511. Like most powerline networking gear, it will connect your Internet connection to your power lines in the house to share that connectivity without needing a wireless network. This new adapter allows more than simply allowing you to share your Internet connection.

The Powerline Music Extender also allows the user to stream music to speakers anywhere in the home from a smartphone, tablet, or Windows computer. Both Apple and Android hardware is supported for music streaming. Users can choose specific remote speakers in the home that are connected to the new powerline music extender and played music easily.

Mac computers and iOS devices use Airplay functionality for streaming music while PCs and Android devices need to download an app to stream music. The music can be streamed to any audio system or device that connects via RCA jacks. Apple users can also stream music throughout the house from services like Pandora, Spotify, or Deezer.

An available download for PCs allows the user to connect a Windows computer to a remote USB device located anywhere in the home thanks to the integrated USB port on the powerline adapter. The connected USB device can be anything from a printer to a hard drive. The adapter also has a pass-through outlet so you can still plug devices into your outlet. The Powerline Music Extender Starter kit sells for $139, and a single adapter sells for $99. Availability is set for October.