Netgear announces MF100H second-gen Femtocell at MWC 2011

Shane McGlaun - Feb 14, 2011
Netgear announces MF100H second-gen Femtocell at MWC 2011

Netgear has announced a new femtocell at MWC 2011 in Spain today. The new Femtocell is the MF100H and it is a second-generation femtocell that supports 3G and Ethernet LAN. The device has been designed to complement the Netgear broadband gateway and router line up that is used by numerous Cable TV operators.

The MF100H femtocell is interoperable with the Nokia Siemens networks mobile infrastructure that is being planned for completion soon. The Femtocell is delivering a traffic carrying capacity of 1000x greater than the 3G network of most small carriers.

Netgear doesn’t say when the new MF100H femtocell will hit the market or what it will cost for end users when it finally lands. “Femtocells are just now getting to the other side of the technology chasm,” said Michael Clegg, vice president and general manager, Service Provider Business Unit, NETGEAR. “Today, these nascent devices appear in tiny deployments when measured against the billions of residences and businesses worldwide where they will ultimately be deployed. After three years in the market, femotcells are now poised for widespread adoption thanks to industry advances in interoperability and reduced deployment costs.”

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