Netflix's The Sandman adaptation gets its first trailer

As part of its recent TUDUM event, Netflix revealed the first trailer for its The Sandman adaptation, as well as a couple of posters for the upcoming series. Among other things, fans of the hit comic book series get their first look at Tom Sturridge playing the role of Dream, the series' main character.

The trailer reveals the catalyst for the events presented in The Sandman comic series: Dream's imprisonment via an occult ritual, binding him as a prisoner for 70 years. The trailer cuts off with Dream as a prisoner, laying the foundation for the show without revealing any additional details.

In addition to the adaptation's first trailer, Netflix also shared two posters for its upcoming original series in a tweet. One shows Sturridge as Dream; the other shows the mask that makes a brief appearance in the trailer.

A television series based on Neil Gaiman's The Sandman has been in the pipeline at various points for several years. As well, plans for or rumors about a The Sandman movie have circulated since the late 1990s, though the comic book universe never received its own big theatrical release.

Netflix announced its deal with Warner Bros for a live-action Sandman adaptation in 2019; Sturridge was revealed to be the actor in the starring role as Dream, while Gwendoline Christie will star in the series as Lucifer. As with other shows last year, Netflix's project was hit with production delays as a result of the pandemic. The show's release date is still listed only as "coming soon."