Netflix's Lucifer may survive beyond season five under new deal

The TV show Lucifer based on a comic book series was launched by FOX and, despite its popularity, canceled after three seasons. Netflix swooped in to save the show, releasing the fourth season with the promise of a fifth and final batch of episodes. That plan may change, however, as the streamer continues to see strong demand for the series, prompting it to ink a new deal with star Tom Ellis.

At this point in time, Lucifer has four seasons on Netflix. These remain very popular among the company's subscribers, according to Deadline, which reports that Netflix has inked deals for a sixth season with both star Tom Ellis and producer Warner Bros. TV. Sources alleged that the rest of the show's cast is on board for additional seasons, as well.

Lucifer revolves around the fallen angel from biblical mythology, a version created in the minds of Sam Kieth, Neil Gaiman, and Mike Dringenberg. Lucifer has retired from hell to Los Angeles, California, where we're introduced to him in the FOX / Netflix series. Tom Ellis stars in the role of Lucifer.

The report claims that long and difficult negotiations took place to get Ellis back in his role as Lucifer, but that he has ultimately agreed to come back for another season, making it seem likely that Netflix will move ahead with, at minimum, Season 6 for its original show. It's unclear whether it may live on beyond that, however.

Lucifer has already outlived many Netflix originals, which often get only between two and four seasons on the service. There have been very popular outliers, however, the most notable being shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.