Netflix's Castlevania will end with season four, but the universe may live on

In the summer of 2017, Netflix launched an anime series called Castlevania based on the video games by the same name. Now, a few years later, the streaming service is set to end the series with its fourth season, though the universe itself may live on in the form of an entirely new series, according to a new report.

Though Netflix hasn't yet announced a new series based on the show, Deadline reports that the streaming company plans to end its Castlevania anime with season four and then launch a new series based in the same universe. The show has been well-received by critics, which likely contributed to its longevity.

The show is based on the Belmont clan and its last surviving member, Trevor, as he works to save Europe from Vlad Dracula Tepes alongside a group of various misfit friends. The series was created, written, and executive produced by Warren Ellis, though the report claims that he hasn't been included in talks about launching a new show.

Many questions about the alleged plan remain, including whether Netflix will proceed with a new spinoff series and what that show may look like. The decision wouldn't be surprising, of course — the company has dabbled in spinoffs before — but nothing official has been announced at this time.

It's likewise unclear when a spinoff series may be announced and whether any of the original voice cast will return for the next series. Meanwhile, Netflix announced late last week that Castlevania season four will premiere on the streaming platform on May 13.