Netflix World War 2 drama is first series created using live-action animation tech

Brittany A. Roston - Nov 16, 2018, 2:15 pm CDT
Netflix World War 2 drama is first series created using live-action animation tech

Netflix has announced the order of a new drama series called The Liberator that is set during World War 2. The content will be created with an innovative type of animation called Trioscope Enhanced Hybrid Animation, which involves live action combined with CGI to produce a high level of fidelity and emotion, according to Netflix.

Unlike Netflix’s existing animated content, such as BoJack Horseman and F is for Family, The Liberator will have a realistic style judging by early screenshots from the series. According to the company, this will be the first series ever created using Trioscope Enhanced Hybrid Animation.

This hybrid CG tech will be used to produce a gritty, realistic animation style befitting of the war setting showcased in the series. The involvement of live action will help capture a level of emotion perhaps otherwise unattainable using an animated medium.

The four-part series will revolve around US Army office Felix Sparks and his infantry unit during the liberation of Europe. The series is based on The Liberator: One World War II Soldier’s 500-Day Odyssey book by Alex Kershaw. According to Netflix, the show will be produced by A+E Studios and Unique Features with School of Humans animation studio as a partner.

It’s unclear how long each part of the series will be, as well as Netflix’s anticipated timeline for releasing the content. As with other original content, The Liberator will likely be available in all markets where Netflix is offered.

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