Netflix will never release weekly shows, here's why

Since I cut my cable back in 2008, I haven't really kept up with a lot of current shows. Instead, I've found that I prefer waiting until the whole thing is finished before jumping on board. Sure, I'm not in the loop with a lot of current shows, but I have a bad habit of forgetting some shows exist for a couple of years, while waiting for the next season. Plus, this way I get to binge-watch everything at once.

Netflix has been a huge help with my binge-watching addiction, with their catalog of entire shows that I can watch at my leisure. Even their own exclusive shows, they have chosen to release whole seasons at a time, instead of on a weekly basis, like nearly every other platform. But do they have any plans of changing that release schedule?

Netflix's Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos says that they don't. "There's no reason to release it weekly," he said. "The move away from appointment television is enormous. So why are you going to drag people back to something they're abandoning in huge numbers?"

He went on to talk about how most people still don't watch shows on a weekly basis, thanks to DVRs. Plus, much like myself, he said that most people like to binge-watch one show at a time, instead of bouncing between episodes of a few different shows on different nights. He went on to say "if you decide tomorrow you want to watch 'Breaking Bad,' you're going to spend the next two months watching all of 'Breaking Bad' before you move on to something else."

The reasons are pretty solid, and nothing that I wouldn't have expected to hear. Personally, I'm glad that Netflix is sticking to releasing entire seasons in a chunk, instead of weekly.

VIA: HitFix