Netflix will end its Lost in Space original show with Season 3

Yet another Netflix Original series is being dropped after only three seasons on the streaming platform. The company has confirmed that the next season of its Lost in Space reboot will be its last, bringing an end to a series that has enjoyed high user ratings and reasonably positive critical reviews. The show debuted on the service just under two years ago.

It's no secret that Netflix has a habit of canceling shows after only two or three seasons — many shows, including some that had very dedicated fans, have been cancellated after this short period of time, resulting in memes and lamentations. Last year, an Ampere Analysis report found that 12 of 13 shows Netflix had canceled during the analyzed time period hadn't made it past their third season.

On Monday, Netflix announced that it has renewed Lost in Space for a third season, but that it won't be back for a fourth. Netflix says the original's story will be concluded in this upcoming season. Showrunner Zack Estrin said in a statement:

From the beginning, we've always viewed this particular story of The Robinsons as a trilogy. A three-part epic family adventure with a clear beginning, middle, and end ... So while this chapter of Lost In Space is coming to a rousing conclusion, I'm excited about continuing to explore new stories with my friends at Netflix, and for all of the incredible possibilities that lie ahead.

Netflix said that it has penned a new multi-year deal with Lost in Space showrunner Estrin; he will produce new shows for the service, but additional details on that weren't provided. As for the current show, Netflix says that season three will be available to stream sometime next year, but it doesn't have an exact release date at this time.