Netflix Updates hit Facebook

What isn't on Facebook these days? Well, it looks like now you can let your friends know what movies you've rented and watched too with the Netflix Updates application for Facebook. It's a simple way to let people know one more thing about your personal life.

Whenever you get a movie from Netflix, the application will update your Facebook account with the news of a new film's impending arrival. And when you get around to watching the flick, you can rate it and your friends can see what you thought of it.

It's a pretty convenient way to keep track of what you've seen and what you thought of it and let people know about it all in one swoop. And don't worry: if you don't want people to know you rented Twilight again you can choose what your friends can and can't see. The best part of this though is that your friends with Netflix can simply add movies that sound interesting on your news feed to their queues.

[via CrunchGear]